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About Will Busby

Will is a marketing expert in the real estate industry, with a proven track record of success. As a proud alumni of Southeastern Louisiana University and a native of the North Shore area, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to his work.

With a background in working alongside contractors and builders, Will has developed a keen eye for details in both new construction and pre-existing homes, allowing him to help his clients find the best type of home to suit their needs. His sales experience and marketing knowledge make him a valuable asset to his clients, providing them with the very best service possible.

Will's passion for meeting new people and educating clients during their most important purchase is the cornerstone of his approach to real estate. As your NextHome Real Estate Professional, he brings a detail-oriented mindset to the table, along with a patient and trustworthy character. He is calm and confident in making decisions, ensuring that his clients feel heard and supported throughout their home buying experience. With Will as your real estate expert, you can be confident that your marketing strategy will be executed with precision and excellence.

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